Vinyl decals installation instruction.

Surface preparation. All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned before applying your vinyl graphics. Follow the instructions below for specific material cleaning procedures:

  • Fiberglass Boats. First of all the surface must be cleaned with acetone ( you may also use 3M General Purpose Adhesive Remover, it is the preferred cleaner) and upon the solvent evaporation carefully wipe the surface with soapy water (the mixture ratio is: 3 drops of soap to 1 pint (0,47L) of water).
  • Plastics and Glass. Thoroughly wipe surface clean with window cleaner. Remove any dried matter such as tape or glue with a single edge razor blade. If you are planning to use acrylic, remove the protective liner from the acrylic 24 hours prior to application of vinyl graphic. This will allow any air bubbles (outgassing) to dissipate from the acrylic. If this is not observed you may find air bubbles formed under your graphic within a couple of days.
  • Painted Metals and Base Metals. These surfaces may be cleaned with a solvent such as Naphtha, Xylol or Lacquer Thinner. Dry the surface with a lint free cloth before the solvent evaporates. Freshly painted surfaces should be dried for at least 72 hours prior to application of the vinyl graphics.
  • Interior Painted Surfaces. Surfaces may be cleaned with any household cleaner such as Fantastic or 409. Wipe the area clean and dry with a lint free cloth before applying the vinyl graphics. Freshly painted surfaces should be dried for at least 72 hours prior to application of the vinyl graphics.

Temperature requirements. The temperature of the room (garage) and the temperature of the intended surface should be between 45 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit for best results. Very high humidity (above 90 percent) may affect the application process.

Materials needed:

  • Small cutting knife or razor blade (an Exacto Knife is ideal for the job)
  • A spray bottle filled with mixture of dish soap and water (the mixture ratio is: 3 drops of soap to 1 pint (0,47L) of water)
  • Plastic squeegee (you can use 2 bank or any other cards back to back)
  • Dry Towel
  • Masking Tape

Installation process:

  1. The graphic consists of three separate pieces:

Attention! Some decals are supplied without pre-mask tape (clear covering, application tape). Their installation procedure is the same, but please use squeegee with soft side cover to avoid damaging the decal surface (you can use two credit cards back to back, covered in fabric).

  1. Using small tabs of masking tape, tack the graphic to the intended surface. This is to insure proper placement before the liner is removed.
  1. Apply a single horizontal strip of masking tape to the top of the graphic. The strip should be split between the graphic and the intended surface with 1" on each side (as shown). This strip will be used as a hinge that will ensure the graphic not move during the application process.
  1. Take the bottom edge of the hinged graphic away from the intended surface and remove the liner to reveal the sticky backing of the vinyl. Save this piece of liner for being used later in the application process.

CAUTION! Do not let the exposed graphic touch the intended surface. The back of the graphic is very tacky and will tightly adhere to the surface. If the placement is not correct, removing the graphic for re-placement will be very difficult or even impossible without causing damage to the vinyl.

  1. To ease in proper placement, spray the intended surface with mixture of soap and water. (This coating of water reduces the tackiness of the vinyl, letting you lift and re-place the graphic if necessary.
  1. Holding the hinged graphic away from the intended surface, begin to marry the graphic to the intended surface using the squeegee and starting from the top.


  • Work from top to bottom.
  • Do not let the entire graphic drop onto the intended surface.
  • In case of wrinkles or creases develop, lift and re-place the graphic.
  1. Once the graphic is in the proper position and lying perfectly flat on the intended surface, start forcing the water out from beneath the graphic. Starting from the center outward, use firm strokes with the squeegee to force the water out from beneath the separate elements contained in your graphic. Please remember that you may need to apply heat in some curved areas while installing the decal.
  1. The graphic must dry. The time drying relates to the temperature: 80˚F – 30 minutes, 70˚F – 3 hours, 50˚F – 4 to 6 hours. After being most of the water squeegeed out, remove the pre-mask from the graphic and reveal the final product. Be careful not to pull the graphic up with the pre-mask paper. Should the graphic not stick, put is aside and repeat the squeegee process. After that let it dry again.
  1. Squeegee out remaining water bubbles using a piece of left over liner. Lay it on the graphics, with the shiny side of liner facing you. Apply hard pressure to squeegee any remaining water or air bubbles out.
  1. After the graphic is applied, take a picture to show off and please e-mail us a copy.
  1. For long life of your decals you should cover them with lacquer!


Installing vinyl graphics is a simple follow-the-steps process. Although it takes very little time, it is not something to rush. With a little concentration and patience you can easily install any quality vinyl graphics.

Note: 3” high (or less) decals can be applied “dry” (without soapy water). Place the decal as a bumper sticker and squeegee down. It can be done only one time with this application, remember that you use it at your own risk!

FINAL NOTE: It is prohibited to power wash for minimum a week. Never use a power buffer over a decal. Our company shall not be responsible in case of inappropriate installation or use of decals.

USEFUL HINTS: Avoid installing decals in a windy weather or under the direct sunlight in a hot day. It is prohibited to apply direct heat to the decal (blow dryer or buffing wheel). To remove any old painted letters use Easy-Off oven cleaner, it is important to wear individual protective equipment (gloves, goggles etc).

Your Satisfaction is our Number One Priority!